As an experiment in curation and collaboration, American History Now relies on community participation to identify and highlight the posts that best achieve our goals of experimenting with new models of publication, building a community of interested participants, and capturing a broad, interdisciplinary snapshot of the history of vinyl on the open web.

There are three ways to offer feedback on the content and methods of AHNow.

  1. Comments: We encourage a lively and respectful debate of each piece submitted. Public comments will be moderated for civility and pertinence by AHN’s editors.
  2. Rankings: Users can submit a star rating on a scale of Thought Provoking to Uninteresting on each piece as well as a Thumbs Up (Agree) / Thumbs Down (Disagree) on individual public comments.
  3. Feedback Form: Feel free to fill out the slightly more extensive form below to provide feedback on the site itself, our methods, and the content. You can fill out the form more than once. Comments submitted via the form will not be published.

All feedback methods will be taken into consideration by the Curator and Editors in selecting pieces for highlighting in the Curator’s Selections in addition for inclusion in the production of the ebook exhibit.